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Starwater Press Ltd. has published, and offers to you inspirational books and products designed to support the discovery and experience of joyful wholeness. The goal of Starwater Press is to publish books that inform and entertain as they provide a new way of looking at your life and at life itself. Publishing began as an adventure for us. But we also wanted our readers to learn and have fun with our books. We wanted to make them simple enough to touch the heart and explore the truths of life in a light and gentle way.

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aah-ha! Books
– We chose the name aah-ha! Books in the hope that it would convey the feeling of excitement and wonder which can accompany any life change even when it’s difficult. And more than that, we wanted our books and related products to provide clear and simple help for hard times in practical ways. Each book offers many aah-ha! concepts for our readers and we have a lot of fun creating them. We hope you have as much fun reading them!

The Hopeful Healer – Moving and important affirmations of courage – of the power of love and hope and loss redeemed by compassion.

Archangel Janith – The Offering… Angel Janith has come to offer help, hope and guidance from the angelic realm for all those wanting more joy and positive moments in their life.

Rashana’s Magic Garden
– Rashana’s Garden is a magical journey of playful discovery. An animated treasure hunt where you will uncover and reveal unexpected answers to the questions you may have never thought to ask. It is a whimsical, nurturing garden where you can grow with the beauty and diversity of the flowers. Let us see how much we can work together to cultivate each.

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